It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas…

Well, the Fleur de Lis Arts and Crafts Show is in the books and was SO much fun!  I thought things went well considering it was my first show ever!  If you were there and came by my booth – THANKS!!  If you purchased something from Strong Roots Handmade – THANKS A BUNCH!!  If you’re here on my site looking for merchandise – I am SO sorry, but things are still in the works.  Actually, I was out of the country for several days and this is first priority on my list now that I’m  back!  I still have several jingle bell ornaments left.  If you’re interested in them, you can contact me at

I was especially glad for the chance to go away for a few days. I’ve really been stressing about getting everything done – the show, thanksgiving, getting Christmas decorations up, packing … Oh my, and shopping!!  But, I came to the realization that I can’t do absolutely everything. And, I really don’t think that is what Christmas is supposed to be, anyway.  It’s not the decorations, the presents, the food, and not even the family. It’s just Jesus. That’s it, just Him. It’s to celebrate the day that God decided to send His precious son – His only son, down from heaven to save this lost world. I think we can all agree our world needs saving more now than ever.  It’s my hope and prayer that you will be able to slow down this season and take time to realize – to celebrate – the real reason for Christmas.  Jesus!

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